On 9/7/05, Alex Feldman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've built all the development libraries - it warns you about that in
> the README.  The problem is that Gutenberg isn't putting its plugin in
> the Gimp directory, and appears not to be doing that because there is
> something wrong with the plugin - I say that because when I try to
> install it manually, I can't print anything.
> Ordinarily I think it is a problem with me, but I really now believe
> there is something fishy about Gutenprint and FC3.  Back to bugzilla.

Please don't hate my bias, but FC3 is just a funky (as in fishy as in
weird and not really perfect) system.  It /could/ be that using GCC 4
will fail on Gutenprint -- in that case, try migrating to Debian
Stable/Sarge (which still uses 3.3/3.4).  Or even just FC3 not likeing
Gutenprint.  Unfortunately, AFAIK, Gimp 2.2.8 is only in sid and
newer, but those rely on GCC 4.0 (as does the latest Debian build of
GNOME and various other things).

Does the README say anything about GCC 4?

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