Doug ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> While working on an image I found that the behaviour of the Tools=> 
> Transform Tools=> Scale tool suddenly changed - scaling *down* the image 
> size caused it to *increase* in size and vice versa. So if I want to 
> change the pixel size by a factor f, I need to tell it to change by 1/f.
> What's up?
> This behaviour has now persisted through logging out, re-booting, 
> removing and re-installing gimp from CD-ROM.

Have a look at the tool options. Probably the "corrective" option is set
which makes the transform tools doing the opposite. This is very useful
for e.g. correcting the rotational tilt of scans, it is probably less
useful for scaling.

At some point the setting was activated and got stored in your personal
preferences. You can hit the "reset" button at the bottom of the tool
options dialog to reset them to the default.

I hope this helps,
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