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> I am trying to remove/soften the highlights in the picture, where the
> highlights were created by reflection of the flash on a person's sweaty
> forehead. Any ideas on how to remove or soften them so that they do not
> look so bad?

In GIMP 1.x, there was a plugin called homogenize that seemed to do
the trick.  Because the purpose which this plugin filled for it's
creator no longer exists, a version for 2.x doesn't exist, although I
believe it'd be nice if someone "ported" it to 2.x because it did fill
in a niche that I can't seem to satisfy.  (If I ever get some free
time, I might attempt it, but I have my doubts.)

You may also want to look at the levels tool, but I'm not horribly
experienced with it.

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