On Thursday 13 October 2005 22.54, Orlando Figueiredo wrote:
> Hello everybody
> A few days ago I put here a a message about the instalation of dcraw. I
> did the instalation of the package referred on subject and everything
> went OK. After the instalation the Gimp open window included the the
> option for raw files. The problem is that when I try to open my EOS350D
> raw files (*.cr2 - that is included in the file extensions listed in
> ufraw) I get a message saying that EOS350D is not available yet.
> I found a at rpm.pbone.net newer releases of the package but for Fedora
> 4 the one mentioned on subject is the newer.
> I wonder if anybody here worked with raw files from that machine and how
> did it work? Or if anybody has any ideas to sove the problem.
> Thanks a lot.
> Orlando
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I myself havent got a 350D but i did a grep on the ufraw source.
~/Build/ufraw-0.5> grep EOS *
Binary file dcraw matches
dcraw.c:      fseek (ifp, strstr(model,"EOS-1D") ? 68:50, SEEK_CUR);
dcraw.c:      if (((!strcmp(model,"Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL") ||
dcraw.c:            !strcmp(model,"Canon EOS 300D DIGITAL"))) && wbi == 6)
dcraw.c:      if (!strcmp(model,"Canon EOS D30")) {
dcraw.c:      if (!strcmp(model,"Canon EOS 10D"))
dcraw.c:  if (wbi == 0 && !strcmp(model,"Canon EOS D30"))
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS D2000",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS D6000",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS D30",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS D60",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS 10D",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS 20D",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS-1D Mark II",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS-1DS",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS-1D",
dcraw.c:    { "Canon EOS",
dcraw.c:    { "KODAK EOSDCS1",
dcraw.c:    { "KODAK EOSDCS3B",
dcraw.c:  } else if (!strcmp(model,"EOS D2000C")) {
dcraw.c:  } else if (!strcmp(model,"EOS-1D")) {
dcraw.c:  } else if (!strcmp(model,"EOS-1DS")) {
dcraw.c:    } else if (!strcmp(model,"EOSDCS3B")) {
dcraw.c:    } else if (!strcmp(model,"EOSDCS1")) {
Binary file dcraw-dcraw.o matches
Binary file dcraw_nomain.o matches
Binary file ufraw matches
Binary file ufraw-batch matches
Binary file ufraw-gimp matches

So it seems the support is yet to be implemented.

I cant bet on this; but you MIGHT be able to hack the dcraw.c file and add 
"Canon EOS..." (exact syntax probably according to the EXIF header of a JPEG 
photo from the camera)

It may or may not work...


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