[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-10-20 at 1004.37 -0200):
> I wonder why the need for a graphics card with high processing power
> and 3D pipeline for photo editing...

Probably cos it uses it has image processor (float, quick retrieve
from the card, shaders, etc required), via their CoreImage system. Or
was it a rethoric question?

If you look at Siggraph and other tech meetings papers, or just search
for "general purpose gpu" you will find it is a hot topic, covering 2d
image processing, raytracing, dynamics simulations, image recognition
and othes. Sadly, it requires modern cards and drivers with all the
features. While the first issue is about money, the second is a bit
harder (or impossible) if you want to keep on using a full free
software solution (for the "what if gimp ...").

You can say they want to move more hardware... which no doubt is true,
it is part of their business. But OTOH no less true that the silicon
can do the work so they are using it instead of limiting it to purely
3d applications.

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