On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 11:46:52AM +0200, Mauro Condarelli wrote:
> Hi,
> While I'm a reasonably seasoned programmer my experiece with graphics is in 
> the negative range, so, please, do not shot me on sight :) :)
> I have a clear idea of What I need to do, but I'm unable to do it even 
> manually, let alone program a macro to automate the task :(
the good news is (for you then) that gimp does not use macros.  this
means that you can use full-fledged computer languages to accomplish
what you need to.  gimp has enclosed a script-fu console and you have
access to a gimp python or perl module.

> I need to:
> 1) Use the magic wand to select a region.
> 2) This region will be a big region with (possibly) internal sub-regions; if 
> this is the case I need to destroy all the inner regions (i.e.: I need to 
> preserve just the outer region, without any "holes").

try to adjust the Threshold value in the tool options until you can
select the region that you are interested in.

> 3) Clear the region to a specified colour.

if you make the Toolbox background color into the selected color (and
you do not add an alpha channel to your image) Edit-->Clear, Edit-->Cut
or using the Eraser on the selection should "clear the region to a
specified colour".

> 4) Edit a (possibly long) string and fit it into the cleared region 
> (eventually scaling the font to make it fit).
via scripts, there are many many ways to control text.  you can see this
if you look at Xtns-->PDB Browser and search for text.

> Nice to have:
> - save the "original" region contents in a layer before killing it.
work on a duplicate of the layer.  that would mean that you will need to
Edit--Fill your erased or cleared or cut region.  or perhaps put another
layer of the same color under the one you are working on.

> - render the string to a different layer than the background (this would 
> enable to see either the "old" or the "new" content simply marking the two 
> layers visible/not-visible.
the text is on its own layer anyways.

> I need this in order to translate some comics I scanned.
each different color might need a different threshold setting.  

> I want to automatise as much as possible the process. Doing it completely 
> manually is impossibly long (for me).
it will be much easier if you are needing to remove the same color
region from each image.  one problem with doing things as you mentioned
so far is that it might be very difficult to know where to pick the
color from.

> Please remember that my graphics ability is zilch :(
another thing to consider is gimp gap.

> P.S.: Please copy directly me; I tried to subscribe to the list, but I'm 
> unsure it worked (I didn't receive any message, yet).
it is a tradition of this maillist.


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