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> I need to:
> 1) Use the magic wand to select a region.
> 2) This region will be a big region with (possibly) internal sub-regions; if 
> this is the case I need to destroy all the inner regions (i.e.: I need to 
> preserve just the outer region, without any "holes").

Sounds like you're trying to erase the contents of a speech bubble and
fill it with new text.  The magic wand will select the white inside
the bubble (assuming it is actually closed, which isn't guaranteed in
comics, so you may get some bleeding which would ruin the entire
thing) but you'll have to delete the text by doing some sort of
combo-selection which will be kinda finicky.

> 3) Clear the region to a specified colour.
> 4) Edit a (possibly long) string and fit it into the cleared region 
> (eventually scaling the font to make it fit).
> Nice to have:
> - save the "original" region contents in a layer before killing it.
> - render the string to a different layer than the background (this would 
> enable to see either the "old" or the "new" content simply marking the two 
> layers visible/not-visible.

2.x text tools put text in a seperate layer...

> I need this in order to translate some comics I scanned.

Maybe you want to make a background later, select the area(s) with the
magic tool (click magic tool, shift click-click-click as necessary),
cut, paste in a new layer, hide the cutout's layer and then create a
text layer with your text.

I'm not sure if I'm being clear though, so it might not be helpful enough.

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