On 10/26/05, Kaplan, Andrew H. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi there --
> I am running GIMP 2.2 and am trying to capture a section of rather than the
> entire screen. I go to File/Acquire and select Single Window in the Grab
> utility. A cross hairs appears and I select a portion of the screen.
> However, instead of just that area of the screen being captured, the entire
> screen is captured. What steps or settings do I need to change to correct 
> this?
> Thanks.

If you already have the captured picture, and don't want to go about
capturing it again,
and if you're willing, you can also crop the captured bit of the
screen with the crop tools, which will cut out everything outside the
selected area that you crop.  [Either make a selection, then find the
crop option in the menus, or use the Crop tool.]

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