I found the problem:

Mandriva 2006 is packaging a "ufraw-gimp" plug-in and it is trying to 
open these jpegs, instead of the normal jpeg plugin.

The ufraw-gimp plug-in is hanging.

I just saw it, and could not see if it is part of some "gimp-extras" 
package, or come inside the main gimppackage itself.

Gary: however an easy workaround is just disabling the ufraw-gimp 

Quit the GIMP, type as root:

chmod 644 /usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ufraw-gimp

- restart the GIMP, and voilá - you are able to open these jpegs once 

Now - to open a completely unrelated bug on Mandriva's  bugzilla.  

(BTW, the files opened allright in the CVS GIMP  I've compiled in the 
same system, so it is not related to exif libraries or whatever)


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