I'm looking for a tool to make some animations. I'm editing some home
videos and I want to add a title screen animation and a scrolling text
at the end. But let's concentrate on the first.

I have been looking at gap and as far as I see from the tutorials it
seems to be a lot of work to make some simple animation. Say I want a
black background and to fade a white text and then after a bit pause
fade it out again. I see how I can do this manually from the tutorials,
but if I want to do this many times with different texts then I imagine
that this should be something a script/macro in gimp could do? However,
I haven't found any and I don't know how to make scripts/macros. So I
was wondering if anybody has something like this laying around? Would be
nice to be able to specify the lenght of the fading in/out time and
pause and the text/image to fade.

If nobody have something like this it would be great with some hints as
to how I can make a script like this. Is Pyhton the most suitable
language to learn to make scripts?

Thanks in advance!

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