I'm trying to add a pattern and it's just not doing what I think it should.  I loaded a small image, 135x94 into gimp and saved it as a pattern (.pat).  I then moved it to the /usr/share/gimp/2.0/pattern directory.  I quit gimp and then brought it back up.  No pattern.  I decided maybe the patterns were coming from somewhere else, so I did a locate on corkboard.pat.  Only one of them.  OK, so I temporarily moved one of the .pat files to another location, refreshed gimp again and it was gone.  Ah, so it is reading from that directory.  Maybe there is something about my image that gimp doesn't like, so I copied pine.pat to a new name, 3dwood.pat.  I refreshed gimp again, closing and restarting.  Nope, no 3dwood. 

File attributes are just fine, all of them at 644.  Owner is root.root on all the files, old and new. 

Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Running on a Debian Sarge release distro with gimp 2.2.


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