> Since I installed Gimp, all my image files on desktop are IDed as Gimp files instead of JPG, BMP,TIFF etc. It would be useful to see these
> IDs before clicking on the files. Is there an option for restoring them?

Well, risking to offend someone using a posix system, I'll just assume you're using Windows... anyway, the mime types there can be edited from "Folder Options" in the file manager. That's in one of the drop down menus on the top -- I don't think you'll have trouble finding it. From there you can select specific filetypes and assign them to programs.

On the other hand, this might be the hardest of two ways out of this... as Mike suggested it might be a lot easier just to reinstall the program that you want to use the files, so it grabs them again.

The fully rational solution, (on windows) though would be to check the configurations of both the gimp and whatever program you use as a viewer and select the filetypes from there, where you'll also find a "preserve mime types" (or sth similar) button, that would check if the mime types are what you defined when the program starts up.

Ah... ok, that's all, sorry for the elementary stuff and the hardly gimp-related subject, everyone :)

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