On Thu, Nov 24, 2005 at 11:12:52PM -0600, Jeff Avveduti wrote:
> Ok, I know this is silly... but I am a baby in Gimp. Please bear with
> me...and thanks to everyone who has been answering my question.
> That was what I was doing so that fixes that issue.
> Now,  the instructions given is using a texture background. How can I
> just make a logo with a transparent background and then save it as
> mentioned above? 
> New --- size, background transparent -- add text --- bump map--- now
> what? I don't see what I did?
> I know this is silly but....

Okay, one step at a time.

New --- size, background transparent
Text (Hello World) in white
Dialogs -> Layers -> New Layer
Filters -> Render -> Clouds -> Plasma
In the Layer Dialog,
Click on the text layer (I move it to the top, too (up arrow on the bottom))
Filters -> Map -> Bump Map
Select the Plasma layer as the bumpmap layer
play with the parameters
click okay
You can then (if you are done with it) delete the plasma layer (or just hide

I suspect that what may be tripping you up is the the GIMP doesn't get rid
of the bumpmap layer after bump mapping, and it may be higher in the stack
than your text.  Perhaps just deleting or hiding that layer will give you
what you want?


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