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Ever thought about installing a native Linux install with your Mac? I'm guessing you will see quite a difference running Gimp in Linux on that PPC! There are several available now and SuSE has started it's new 10 on PPC as well. If you have the hard drive space, I think it would be worth your time.

Hmm. I was dubious - but the results were more interesting than I thought they'd be. I tried using the Ubuntu 5.04 PPC live cd, which has gimp v2.2.2 on it. I also retested on mac os x, since I've upgraded to a 1.2 ghz ibook since I last tested things.

Here's the full summary: All tests were done on the same 8megapixel image (taken with a canon digital rebel xt - the file is slightly under 2mb)

ibook 800mhz g4 mac os x: unsharp mask: 75s, gausian blur: 65s
ibook 1.2ghz g4 mac os x: unsharp mask: 44s, gausian blur: 55s
ibook 1.2ghz g4 linux:    unsharp mask: 22s, gausian blur: 29s
athlon 1800+ linux:       unsharp mask: 17s, gausian blue: 18s

for comparison, photoshop on a 800mhz g4 took about 5s for both unsharp mask and gausian blur.

It's not clear to me why the linux version is so much faster on the same hardware - There must be something interesting going on...

I'm going to try to get a build of the gimp from source on my machine this weekend to see if I can get some profiling info...


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