Yannick Patois writes:
> When I hack a picture taken with my sony-dsc-s80 camera with the gimp,
> if I export in jpg, I cant read its format any more (the camera display
> "file error" instead of the hacked content).
(and the same with a digital print machine)

I wonder if they need EXIF information from the image? EXIF is a way
of storing information about a photo (date, exposure information,
camera information, thumbnail, etc.) inside a JPEG image.

You don't mention what version of GIMP you have (for a while it was
preserving EXIF, but that disappeared again in later version, alas)
but you might try using another program to compare the exif
information between a file straight off the camera and a file
you've edited with GIMP. 

If you have jhead, try:
  jhead -te camera_img.jpg edited_img.jpg
which transfers all the EXIF from the original file to the edited file.
Then see if that image works in the camera or print machine.

(jhead is in lots of linux distros already, and if not, it's at
http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead/ -- the other program, "exif",
doesn't appear to have an option to transfer all the EXIF from one
file to another, so jhead is probably a better option.)

In fact, I just tried that (my husband has a Sony camera) and
indeed, copying the EXIF from one of the original files made the
camera see the file and got rid of that "file error" message.
But here's the catch: the thumbnail that the camera shows is
part of the EXIF, so it's showing me the thumbnail from the
other image, not from the one I'm actually looking at. And it
seems to notice that they're different and not want to zoom in.

I think GIMP adds a thumbnail on its own when it saves (at least,
I remember seeing a checkbox for that in the JPEG Save As dialog).
If you experiment a bit you can probably find a way to copy all
the EXIF *except* the thumbnail (leaving that unchanged) so that
your Sony will be happy. With any luck GIMP will get better EXIF
support eventually, and will be able to handle this on its own ...

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