The jpeg files that GIMP creates are perfectly valid.  I think
the basic problem is that you are trying to use a camera as a
storage device, which is not its intended purpose.  There are
some cameras that, when you take a picture, create a digital
"watermark" that the camera can use to tell if the file has
been altered or corrupted.  If the watermark does not match
the data -- which is bound to happen after editing in GIMP, 
because GIMP does not know about watermarks -- then the 
camera may treat the file as invalid and refuse to display it.

I should add that I'm going pretty far beyond my knowledge here. 
While I'm reasonably confident that this sort of digital watermarking
does exist, I am only speculating that this accounts for your
problems  -- particularly with the photo-printing service.

Best wishes,

  -- Bill


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