JC Dill writes:
> You can resize the image up in "steps" to smooth out the pixelization 
> and rough edges as you resize it, but you will never regain the missing 
> detail that was not recorded when the photo was taken at such a low 
> resolution so the resulting image will be soft.  (Sharpening will help 

Someone asked me recently about scaling up cartoon images (e.g.
to turn a small carton image into desktop wallpaper) and had the
impression that something like this might work. But I wasn't
able to find any information on these techniques on the web.

For a cartoon, you start with sharp edges and fairly even colors,
so the problems aren't the same as with digital photos.
Although you can't get more information than was present
in the small image, are there techniques that let you scale
up while preserving edges, so for instance a thin sharp black
line becomes a thick sharp black line rather than a thick blurry
grey line? Scaling up in steps didn't seem to make much difference.
I thought perhaps indexing to a small number of colors might help,
but I still got too many greys on the edges of the blacks.
By playing with Levels I was able to sharpen up the scaled images
somewhat, but I wonder if there are better ways. Any tips?

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