On 12/9/05, Wade Smart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 12092005 2021 GMT-5
> I have this image that Im laying atop another image. They are both gifs.
> Im using the eraser tool to erase at 47% the image to make it
> transparent but, above 50% its 100% and below 50% its 0% transparent.

I suggest you convert both to RGB format, then paste one atop another,
then erase at 47% transparency (probably saving as GIMP's internal XCF
format if you must stop at any point before you're done).  Then
flatten and export as GIF.

GIF only supports things being transparent or not transparent, so
there is techincally no such thing as 47% transparent in GIF.

You might also want to note the opacity slider in the layers
dialogue... maybe that is of some use?

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