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On 12/5/05, Myke C. Subs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello All,
> I've just joined this list.  This is my first post to it.
> I have been a happy GIMPer since 2000 until this year.
> After Red Hat ditched me 2 years ago, I switched to Mandrake 8.2 and
> didn't like it.  So this year I switched to SuSE 9.2 Pro and I like it a
> *lot* - except for the fact that the GIMP "upgrade" which comes with my
> distribution no longer includes my two long-time, most-used features:
> "Filters->Render->Add Glow" and "Layers->Center Layer".
> Where have these gone and how do I get them back?  Especially "Add
> Glow"... I *require* that one!

Let's see if it's possible to sum up this thread to-date...

These two features require a component with gimp known as "gimp-perl",
which is the perl extension to the GIMP.  This allows one to use
plugins which are written in perl, of which these are two.

It seems that SUSE 9.2 does not appear to have a binary package for
the latest version of gimp-perl (or at least a version compatable with
the version of gimp you are using).  Futhermore, the version of GIMP
and GIMP development packages bundled with SUSE 9.2 does not appear to
support building this plugin, probably due to an incompatability or
other modification made somewhere that breaks gimp-perl's build

At this point, you have a couple of options:

1. Reverse the change that caused the problem.

If upgrading to a 2.x revision of GIMP caused the problem, downgrading
to the previous version you had where this problem wasn't exhibited
will solve the problem.  This assumes your distribution allows

2. Build GIMP, GIMP-perl and their dependencies from souce

The development packages in your distribution seem somewhat unique,
and gimp-perl's build system doesn't recognize them.  The lack of a
_binary_ package for what you are looking for indicates that the only
way to get the functionality may to be build it and its dependencies
from source. It may be suitable, then, to build GIMP related binaries
and libraries from source, such as GTK+, Pango, GIMP, gimp-perl, and
the like.

3. Switch to a different distribution.

Various other distributions are known not to have this problem. 
Reported examples include Debian and Ubuntu, and others may be an
option as well.  Investigate your alternative thoroughly before
exploring this option as it may be time consuming.

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