Akkana Peck wrote:
Manish Singh writes:
But one of Myke's problems was that he managed to get the gimp-devel
package installed without having glib-devel installed. This means that

SuSE users trying to get gimp-devel working (e.g. to compile
plug-ins) will probably also need to install XFree86-libs-dev.
I don't know if it's needed for gimp-perl, but it's needed for
some plug-ins and isn't pulled in automatically.

As far as I remember it was with the version 9.3 SuSE skipped the XFree, and now uses the xorg. On my DVD-disk there are an 'xorg-x11-libs' file, but no '-devel' counterpart.

Does it mean, that all is included in the 'normal' file, or is 'the rest' just missing. I have been used to SuSE through use for a couple of years, and as long as you are satisfied with their packages, it's a great system, but for the rest....... I am trying out other distros on an extra disk, so I can always turn back to my productive system, but it is hard to find an replacement (with my skills - and interests).
mvh Mogens Jæger

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