Alex Feldman wrote:
I had some trouble installing gutenprint at first, but after removing
everything, it went in fine.

But I haven't been able to adjust the colors on my output - and what's
more, what is printer is quite a bit darker, particularly with the
yellow, than the real image.  What shows up in gimp on the screen is
very close to the real image.

Layers>Colors>Color balance (first entry)

Experiment upping the yellow in some or all three areas (dark, medium and light) a couple of notches.

I had a comparable problem with the Epson R300 (far too blue) and it turned out that increasing magenta by 10 points in dark and medium solved the problem.

Rumor had it that there was work being done on the new Epson drivers, but so far I haven't seen results from that.


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