On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 01:25:57PM -0700, Mark Phillips wrote:
> I need some help getting a scanned image into an OpenOffice document without 
> the black speckled background. This is what I did:
> 1. Used XSANE 0.97 to scan the signature form my HP G95 printer/scanner.
> 2. Saved as tiff file.
> 3. Opened the tiff file in The Gimp 2.2
> 4. Cut the signature out of the scanned image and pasted it into a new Gimp 
> document (so it would not be full page but just a small block).

right here.  a new step will help you right here.  use the levels tool
on the Value.  the speckles have probably been scanned in and you might
be able to remove a lot of them by adjusting the three triangles right
under the graphical information on that dialog.  

the removing backgrounds tutorials at www.gimp.org should be helpful for
additional methods and also the despeckle plug-in might help

probably you don't see them in gimp because the view in your image
window is set to 25% or 33%.

> 5. Saved the document as a jpg
> 6. Inserted the jpg into my OpenOffice 2.0 document.

OpenOffice and GIMP are reproducing the scan accurately.

> 7. Printed the page with the signature on the G95 and the signature has black 
> speckles around it.


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