On Fri, 30 Dec 2005, Tristan Miller wrote:
> Hm... one does not get that impressed by Googling for "gimp-python" and
> reading the first site that comes up
> <http://www.jamesh.id.au/software/pygimp/>, which purports to be the
> official distribution site.
> I'll try downloading the whole GIMP tarball and seeing if I can build just
> the gimp-python part.  I'm using a SuSE 9.3 system with gimp-2.2.9
> installed via the official RPMs, which don't include gimp-python.  Neither
> can I find any SuSE gimp-python RPM.  ("apt-cache search gimp-python" and
> related searches come up empty.)

I am surprised that there is not a "gimp-python" in suse, there is
certainly one in the Ubuntu which is the flavour of the month here.

Would highly commend you try building the Gimp from source even if you
don't install it

When you run a ./configure --endless-options it will tell you what is
missing from your system and maybe the suse set up can get them for you

That way you will have a 'complete' Gimp


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