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> excuse the triviality of the subject matter. it's been niggling so i bring it 
> up.
> i teach with the Gimp as part of broader university and masterclass 
> coursework 
> to design students. sometimes it features in FOSS game-development courses i 
> give, where i use it as a
> texture editor, among other things. as an offshoot of my work, i also do a 
> little advocacy - pushing
> for FOSS to take greater foothold in tertiary curriculums.
> recently, on demonstrating the Gimp-2.2.10 to faculty members, several
> commented on the new splash screen, suggesting that it was "really
> amateur", one saying "..but it looks awful".
well, it is amateur.  it was the product of a very fun contest that we
had to celebrate the release 10 years ago of the gimp.  it is a very
special splash because of this.

when you open any gimp up the first time, you are using something
completely different.  if it had not been different, it might not still

also, i am not certain that gimp is FOSS.  if you want to encourage
people to use FOSS stuff, it might be better to show them Open Office.
this is software designed to replace Microsoft Office on more operating
systems than just Macintosh and Windows (i think).  GIMP was designed to
work on linux and make graphics.

> sadly, while i felt a few of the previous Splash's to be of a good standard, 
> i have to agree with these impressions for the most part, thinking that the 
> new splash does 
> misrepresent the capabilities of the Gimp (i'm sure i've seen that 'dial' in 
> the 
> background on a photo-cd at some point!).
> the outward appearance of the Gimp sometimes does make it a little hard to 
> push 
> in an educational setting at times, where the project clearly isn't 
> interested in 
> selling itself as a competitor to the likes of Photoshop (and why should
> it). that said, as opposed to developers, it's users which like to be 
> inspired by the tools before them, and this goes beyond their raw
> capabilities. the choice of splash, therefore, plays an important role.
well, are you pushing gimp or something else?

maybe a little time spent understanding a low pressure contribution
environment.  also, where were you when i announced the plans for the

i don't know what inspires you in life.  i get so sick of everything
being made to look so clean and sharp and so "we deem this as perfect" i
cannot see how a "professional looking" (a very subjective phrase to
begin with) is more inspiring than the splash that Sven chose.  if you
are pushing things on these people and none of you are ready to be
honest, i don't think you are ready to use gimp yet.  it doesn't work
like its counterparts.

> for this reason i'd like to suggest that in the next Splash contest
> users might want to be 'let in' to the voting process. users are often
> designers, and this alone may raise the standard - widening the acceptance 
> of the Gimp as a valid contendor to proprietary alternatives (like Pixel and 
> Photoshop)
> by posh arty types and smug university design departments ;)
no need to vote.  posh artsy types and university design departments who
take the splash very seriously can change it themselves:

you can do all of the voting at your own universities, actually.  i
don't have voting software, but we do have the web contest apparatus in
a cvs module with gnome.  "gimp-web".

i can give you the script that made the tutorial gallery for our splash
contest here:

and if any of the people who think the splash image affects the use of
the application, please have them explain how that works to me
personally.   i don't get it.


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