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Gimp has some support for CYMK colour mode in the sense that you can decompose your RGB image into CYMK. With the help of the separate plugin ( http://www.blackfiveservices.co.uk/separate.shtml ), you can even save to tiff.

But if you need more advanced CYMK tools, you may have a look at either krita (the KDE image tool) or cinepaint.

In terms of color management, Cinepaint and GIMP are more or less on a par now (at least, in the 2.3 series). Neither has native CMYK editing, to my knowledge.

Well, I have not had a look at cinepaint for a while (I am not in the film industry, so it is not relevant for my use), so I am ready to believe you.

Krita's been adding functionality very fast recently - they now have La*b*, CMYK and RGBA, and apparently layer groups are going in soon. I haven't used any later versions yet.

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What would be nice for Krita/Gimp/ggl/gegl/whatever would be to also provide the L*u*v* space (CIELUV) because it is more relevant in TV industry than L*a*b* (see Hunt, "measuring colour", p66).

And, just to be nitpicking, it is L*a*b* not La*b*. L is the luminance. the CIELAB space is based on the lightness L*. ;)




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