John R. Culleton wrote:
On Thursday 21 July 2005 10:26 am, Rainer Lehrig wrote:
I have a software, that only works on Microsoft BMP files
with 8 bits per pixel and 256 colour lookup table.

How can I create such files with gimp.

I already tried "Indexed" but without success.

Best regards:

What is the target program and what does it do? Perhaps there is another
program that will accomplish your objective without the BMP
On Linux systems IMageMagick will convert almost any format to
almost any format but I sense you are not on LInux.

For Windows users I know you can do this conversion with Irfanview. Irfanview can open/read almost any image file. You can save as windows bmp with 8bpp and 256 colors. If you have a lot of images to convert, open Irfanview thumbnails, select the images, then do a batch conversion (B).


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