On Tuesday 31 January 2006 01:28 am, William Parry wrote:
> Hi
> I am looking for a way that I could extract each segment of a grid
> into a separate file.
> Say I have a scanned image of a piece of maths paper with numbers
> and letters in it. Could GIMP either:
> a. Extract each segment based on the colour of the grid on the
> maths sheet (a speciic colour)
> or
> b. Once the grid has been deleted (select the maths paper grid
> colour using the colour area picker in GIMP) create a new grid that
> is the same size as the maths paper grid and export each segment of
> that grid into different images.
> Is this possible to do? I have Gimp 2.0 installed on a Windows xp
> machine. I understand that it may require the use of command
> lines... if so, I am willing to learn how to do use them to get
> this done.
> Regards,
> William

The nearest thing you will find are scripts to cut and save a image 
along guides (teh ones you drag from the rulers on the sides of the 

The "guillotine" plug-in just chops a image along the lines, creating 
various open images in teh GIMP - you then have to save them by hand.

However, both the PERL-FU and PYTHON-FU extensions have plug-ins that 
will both cut along the lines _and_ save an image to disk as part of 
an HTML table (the image files are separate.

The matter is, none of this is available for windows. (Python-fu is, 
but hjust for the development version of the GIMP - 2.3.6 and newer)

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