ivan lópez wrote:
> I'm scanning two old magazines that were printed using a 'spirit
> duplicator', better known as a 'ditto machine'. The magazines are
> overall well preserved, but have faded badly in some parts, and some
> of my scans are coming out looking like this:
> http://textzi.net/02.png
> http://textzi.net/04.png
> Would any of you have any suggestions on how to go about restoring
> these images?
I played with them for a bit (not very carefully), and here is what I
would suggest.

1. Reduce the noise in the images (using something like
2. Try to sharpen it a little because this usually ends up slightly
blurred (using something like filters->enhance->unsharp mask)
You need to play with steps 1 and 2 until you get something you're happy
3. I then tried to convert the image to a vector format, and I used
autotrace for this. Here [
http://emphaticallystatic.org/blogimages/eldstripador.png ] is a sample
of a zoomed section showing the sorts of results you can achieve. You
can do much better if you take a bit more time coming up with the right
values for the numerous settings and choices for denoising and sharpening.


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