OK, this began as a question about paths, but now I think it combines paths
with layers.

With the help of eye-cons in the paths dialog, I can work on one path at
a time, and have the other ones invisible until I want to see them all.

But it seems as if the paths don't just live in one layer.  Isn't
normally the case than when you do something (like create a path), you
do it in the active layer, and then you can not only toggle visibility
of whatever you created with the layer eye-cons, but you could delete it
by deleting the layer, etc.  In other words, the object lived in that
layer, and only in that layer.  But that doesn't seem to be the case for
paths - they don't really live in any layer, you can get rid of the
layer which was active when you created it, and the path remains.

Please point me to a tutorial or the manual section (I've looked,
really) which describes this, or clue me in directly.

Thanks very much.


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