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> OK, but this brings up the larger question - I thought the whole point
> of layers was that every element of the image would live in one layer
> and the image could be manipulated that way.  I guess I saw it as being
> like a train - to be on the train, you had to be in one of the cars.
> You could not be in more than one car at once, and you could not be on
> the train without being in a car.

You can be on a car, for example. Or under it. Both are things that a common
to many action films, at least those involving trains.
You can also change the car while on the train, and only your inability to
clone yourself prevents you from leaving copies in each car.

> Do layers work this way, but only for certain kinds of elements?  And if
> so, what is ruling philosophy that determines whether an element will be
> limited to one layer?

A layer is just a surface you can paint on, vectors are drawn (GIMP
distiguishes between draw and paint). Selections are also not part of a
layer, just the things (color, pattern, ...) you fill them with is.


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