GIMP Users,

I'm a long time and proficient PhotoShop user trying to learn how to work in GIMP.

My goal is to colour comic book style images using GIMP. I'm okay with not having CMYK support, as my images are most likely to appear on the web.

What I do is scan inked images with Xsane as line art. Then what I want to do is create a layer that is pure black, and use the scanned image as an alpha channel for that layer. That way I can add colours underneath the layer, without affecting the line art.

However, I'm stuck as to exactly how to create that alpha channel. I can create an alpha channel for a layer, but I can neither paste the line art image into that alpha channel, nor can I seem to invert the image so the right parts are transparent and the right parts are opaque.

Can anyone provide instructions or direct me to a tutorial for this sort of thing? I will gladly RTFM if someone can show me where in the FM to R.

Also, I have other concerns on the horizon which pertain to colouring inked comic images using GIMP. Things like ensuring there is no anti-aliasing when I use any of the tools. There are lots of tutorials of this nature for PhotoShop, but I was unable to find any that had GIMP specific instructions. If anyone knows of good directions for comic art using GIMP, that would help a lot.

   I look forward to any advice, and hope to hear from you soon.

   Thank you.

Dave M G
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