Paul Waldo writes:
> > I am evaluating gimp on linux as a replacement for Photoshop on Windows.  I
> > am currently using Photoshop/Windows primarily for the color management
> > capabilities.  I have tried printing from gimp to my Epson Stylus Photo
> > 1280, with horrible results--the colors are off by a significant amount. 
> > System specifics below.  Does anyone out there use gimp for serious
> > printing?  If so, please let me know your workflow and how you achieve
> > color fidelity. Thanks in advance!

Have you tried the gimp-print list? There's active development going
on with gutenprint, especially with the newer Epson photo printers,
and some of the colors are still being tuned. Check the archives to
see if your printer is one of the ones updated recently. You might
find a lot more people who know about color balance on specific
printers on that list.

I use gimp and gimp-print or gutenprint to print 8x10 wall photos
and greeting cards on an Epson C86, which probably isn't what you
would consider "serious printing". The colors are usually okay
though the default black level is sometimes too high (that might
have something to do with the paper; I haven't done much
experimenting yet).

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