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Tom Williams wrote:

See if it contains some driver info that might be of help to you.  Maybe
switching to a different driver might help with your printing
problem. There is also a forum there for Epson printers that might be
of help:
If I read the original post correctly, the issue is not a printing
problem, but a *color management* problem--i.e., can the GIMP produce
good quality CMYK output?

I've hesitated to jump in because I really don't have much expertise
in this area. But I do know that for professional print work, it's not
enough to have a good printer and a good printer driver, and to have
them configured correctly. Your application also has to be able to
adjust the colors for print, and I'm afraid GIMP 2.2 can't do that.

GIMP 2.4 is supposed to have greatly improved color management,
though. Depending on your timeline, you might try the latest 2.3 beta
version, which is what will become 2.4.

Yep, assuming the drivers he's using aren't interfering with the quality
of the image output, you're absolutely correct in your assessment.  Do
you realize you *did not* copy the list in your response to me?  I was
going to copy the list with my response but I wasn't sure if you wanted
your comments on the list or not.  :)

Oops. Yes, I meant to reply to the list. Most of the mailing lists I'm on have replies going to the list by default. I just forgot that this one doesn't.

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