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> You do not select content on the image, rather the text window dialog
> pop up with your text in it (and the tool options parameters change
> for that of the font used in the active layer).

> But you have a point, the UI should have a way to indicate that, if
> clicked, the existing text will be edited.

Another problem is is that there is no visible indication that a text
object is selected. When a text layer is active, the text object is
displayed with a box around it, whether it is selected or not. Every
time I try to move a text object, 75% of the time I end up moving the
underlying canvas, and I have to keep undoing and clicking on the text
object until I succeed in selecting *just it*. I go through this every
time I create text, since inevitably the text is not positioned where
I want it when I first add it.

  Colin Brace
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