Axel Wernicke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> finally I got GIMP 2.2.10 compiled on the Intel Mac that arrived last
> week. The whole process of ./configure; make; make install run very
> smooth. No problems at all. Starting the GIMP up works without any
> unexpected messages. Unfortunately when I opened an image I had to
> discover that the whole filters menu contained only three menu items
> for resetting and redoing a filter but no filters or even submenus at
> all. After that I had a look into the preferences to check the path
> for plug-ins as well as a look into that according directory.
> Everything looks good in here, all the filters are there as binaries.
> So big question: what can I do to get the filters back?

Try to execute one of the plug-ins directly and check whatever error
messages you get.  This is most likely a linker problem.

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