Zhang Weiwu writes:
> Hello. After read some GIMP tutorials and practised a little bit, I feel
> like that I can make an image like in this example:
> gopher://sdf.lonestar.org/I/users/weiwu/trans_sample.jpeg
> Looks really simple, I can do this image in OpenOffice Draw in 3 mintues:
> open the photo, create a shape of rounded square, put it above the photo,
> adjust opacity, put text above the rounded square.
> Now this is what I did in GIMP, spending me 4 hours:

Yikes! No, it's really easy in GIMP, and it's basically the same
steps as in a vector drawing program, except that you have to create
the layer explicitly (which a vector drawing program does with every
new object).

1. Open the photo.
2. Make a new layer (click the New button in the Layers dialog).
3. Use the rect select tool to select the rectangle.
4. Round the selection with "Rounded Rectangle" (in the Select menu).
5. Fill it with white (Edit->Fill with FG should do it if you
   haven't changed colors from the default).
6. Adjust opacity with the slider in the Layers dialog.
7. Add the text (which will be a third layer).

I didn't quite follow why you were using a layer mask, but it's
not needed for a simple task like this.

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