2006.03.22 09:34, Jonathan Ryshpan rašo:
> I'm trying to remove isolated black pixels in large white areas of a tiff
> image. The image is quite large and is black and white only.
> The despeckle filter (Filters->Enhance->Despeckle) doesn't seem to do
> anything, except that it changes the whole image to white if the white
> slider is set to 256, and makes the black areas much larger is the black
> slider is set to -1.
> Reading the documentation isn't much help -- in fact the phrase "You ought
> to select isolated defects before applying filter." in the help file is
> quite mysterious.  What does it mean?
> Any help would be very welcome - jon

select white area (shortcut Shift+O) then Edit>Grow>by 1 pixel and erase 
(Ctrl+K) or fill with background colour (shortcut Ctrl+.)
Or select black area (shortcut Z) then invert selection (Ctrl+I) and erase or 
fill with background colour (shortcut Ctrl+.)
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