I have a question. When I go to paint the pic it blends all together. Do you know how you can turn off blending? TYIA. Jeri

Hi Jerry,

I am not sure to understand what you want to say (next time, please give more details about the context, the tools you use and the actions you perform).

I will try a first guess (10% it is what you mean):
You want to paint onto an image and you are using the "paintbrush" tool for it. And you find the lines too "fuzzy". You should first try to change the brush to not fuzzy ones (circle instead of "Circle Fuzzy" for instance). If it is still too smooth and you want to have jagged lines, then use the pencil tool instead of the paint brush.

Second guessed interpretation (10% of chances too): You paint with a colour but still can see the background image through. Then, check the "Opacity" in the tool options (usually, it is in the bottom half of the toolbox window, you can also double-click the paintbrush tool). Opacity setting should be set to 100.

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