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Michael Schumacher wrote:
devvv wrote:

Some schools are switching to GIMP/2 soon because of me and my courses ;) I'm posting a list below that imo is very important for an
easier and more accessible use of GIMP2! I'm sure you've heard them
all already but they're really needed! The bug numbers are in
Do your courses also include a part about GIMP being Open Source
Software and that one can and should contribute to it if a feature
should to get in faster?

As you can see, some of the bugs in your list are quite old, and having
patches attached to them would help a lot. There might be just one or
two people at each school who are interested, but their contributions
are welcome.

BTW, gimp-developer would have been the better list for this message.

Someone wrote me that the above mail can be misunderstood. No, it is not
intended as "Who do you think you are? If you want something done, do
it yourself", it was just supposed to be a simple question with an
explanation why I'm asking it.

I, personally, took it as you intended. I think we all need to get the word out that this great application could always use more coders.

Until later, Geoffrey

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