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On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 08:37:17 -0400 Jim Philips

I have some 3x5 templates in .png format that I downloaded. I want
to print them out in landscape format, because if I print them as
portrait my printer bracket won't come in tight enough to hold the
card in place. So, I open the .png in Gimp and flip it 90 degrees
and save it. I then try to print it from Gimp, with 3x5 specified
as the paper size. What gets printed is a long string of raw
Postscript and nothing else. I have to kill the print job. I'm
using Gimp 2.2.10 with CUPS 1.1.23 on a Slackware box. Any clues as
to what is wrong? Am I using a crappy print driver? The printer is
an Epson C-62 inkjet. It prints without problems otherwise, even
some 3x5 cards in landscape. But those are from a Web page where
formatting is enforced by CSS.

I believe you will need to pick "setup printer" from the print dialog
and pick the type of printer you are using.  This is what did the
trick for me.

One thing I recall about the GIMP is that it wants a non compressed ppd file. What I've had to do is go to the directory where they exist and unpack the file there. Make sure you retain the gunzipped version though because other applications look for it. For example, for my Minolta laser I have the following ppd files:


You set this in the setup printer dialog of GIMP David has mentioned.

Until later, Geoffrey

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