I have some image files for which the extension may have been written incorrectly, i.e. they say .jpg but i suspect they are really png's. Can GIMP tell me the file type of a file it has opened. I know it examines the magic numbers to determine how to handle it so it must know. How can I make it tell me!!!

Or if you know of an easy way to determine file type, without relying on the extension, from a non GIMP technique or tool.

I sent you a message offline about how to do it using a text editor.

But, I forgot some things

If you use Linux or Mac, you can type "file filenamehere" and it will tell you a bunch of information about the file (including the type).

If you use Windows and have GIMP associated with the file, you can right click, go to properties, then advanced and it will tell you much the same stuff as the "file" command under Linux and Mac

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