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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Gimp bundled with Computer Arts
> Hello,
> So I don't know if everyone already knows this but I've seen Gimp bundled
> with Computer Arts magazine's (computerarts.co.uk) CD a few times now.  For
> those of you who don't know Computer Arts is a very popular design magazine
> with awesome tutorials. Has anybody heard back from them or designers that
> have used the software? I'm willing to follow up and ask them about it.  It
> would be great to hear from a large base of pro designers about Gimp.

"Pro designers" you mispelled "pro developers with patches or lots of
sponsorship money"  :P

I'd be very surprised if readers of Computer Arts magazine had any new
comments that haven't already been discussed on the mailing list or

Did they include any kind of a review?  Based on their past comments I'd
expect lots of criticism for not being more like photoshop.  Generally
they do complain about programs for not copying or doing better than the
market leaders.

They probably also neglected to mention features like PSPI which allows
Photoshop plugins to be used, and didn't mention the photoshop style
keybindings which can be found in psmenurc.

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