Paul Bloch wrote:
So I've noticed that although there are different palettes for when you're placing text (text field, font selector) I can't find anyway to edit the size of the text! The help file also doesn't even seem to mention any real methods for altering your text except in the text field. Can someone give me a hint? This is total "newbie" stuff but I'm a seasoned photoshop user and this is starting to feel a bit ridiculous.

Hi Paul,

The fact that you are a "seasoned Photoshop user" does not make you less a newbie with Gimp, so there is no shame to have not to find the way to do this.

To change the font size of an existing text:
1- select you text layer in the layer, channels ... dock (*). the Gimp text editor will pop up. 2- double clic the text tool in the toolbox, the "text tool options" dialogue should appear (usually, in the main dock, under the toolbox). 3- change the numeric value in the "Size" field, the text will change in the image.

I hope this help. Often, the obvious way for one software is not the one for another.

By the way, I is often a good idea to give your software version when asking for help (not only for gimp). The platform may also be an important info.

Best regards,


(*) we call this a dock, not a palette. A palette is a collection of colour (or a wooden piece with a hole for the thumb, on top of which (the piece, not the thumb) you put some paint). I guess the use of "palette" for a dialogue is a very bad wording in the context of an image processing/editing software.

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