Scott Bicknell wrote:
I have GIMP 2.2.8 and GAP 2.0.2.whatever running on SUSE 10.0 (32 bit). I have tried GIMP 2.2.11 on SUSE 10.1 (32 and AMD64) with GAP 2.0.2... and have gotten the same results.

The problem is that when creating animations that transition either from full opacity to full transparency or vice versa, everything seems fine while creating the animation, but my transitions disappear in the final product (animated GIF). If going from full opacity to transparent, the layer remains fully opaque until the last frame and then disappears. Similarly, it remains hidden until it reaches full opacity.

I'm using xcf source images in rgb mode and xcf frames in rgb mode. This is maddening, as I have spent several hours creating what I thought was a working image, only to have my animation transformed into a mess after performing a frames to image, optimize for GIF, and saving as animation.

What am I missing?
You're missing, that gif DOES NOT support partial opacity.
You can try this workaround:
Insert white layers below each existing layer in sequence. Then merge down each layer to inserted white layer. And then save as gif animation. That worked for me. Every shadow looked as it should.
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