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>    Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 19:49:55 -0700
>    On Wednesday 24 May 2006 16:10, Robert L Krawitz wrote:
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>    > One tip -- I suggest running
>    >
>    > ./configure --prefix=/usr
>    >
>    > to make sure that you overwrite the existing espgs.  If you didn't do
>    > that, delete the source tree and start from scratch.
>    I finally got to install ghostscript 8.15.2 today. It appears to
>    have corrected the upper margin problem. I am experiencing a couple
>    of other problems now but I think they are Scribus problems.
>    1. Sometimes I just get a blank page when I print from
>    Scribus. CUPS shows the conversion occurred and the job completed
>    normally.  If I convert the document (Actually business cards) to
>    PDF (with Scribus) and print, the first three rows of five are OK
>    then the spacing is off. This may be my printer.
>    2. Sometimes the document never prints (Again the above mentioned
>    Scribus document) and just hangs in the processing phase. This
>    occurs when I select Best print quality instead of standard.
> I don't remember if I answered this, but you might be running out of
> swap or temporary space (in /var).
Did not get a response if you sent one. I have everything working, once in a 
while it seems not to print from Open Office. I think it maybe a font issue. 
Several of the Scribus problems were fixed by installing additional fonts or 
changing them. Have not had time to experiement with OOo yet.  

Again thanks for all you help!!

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