Hello fellow GIMP users,
My name is Brad Simmons, and I'm a long-time Photoshop user who is  joining the ranks of graphics afficianados who are trying out GIMP. However, I've not yet been able to do something that I frequently do in Photoshop: Draw a thin, straight line with an arrow on the end.
I've used GIMP's pencil tool, and as I expected, it draw a thick, very pixellated line. For me to do callouts, I want a thin, straight line which will not be so pixellated. This is easy in Photoshop, because it has a line tool with settings where you can pre-set whether you have a fat or skinny arrowhead, and whether the arrow is placed at the beginning or end of the line.
Is there a way to do this in GIMP?
-Brad Simmons
Technical Writer, Ames, Iowa
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