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> Subject: [Gimp-user] png and  layers
> Hello all,
> I like to save layer information of a manually created logo. Unfortunately
> GIMP tells me that it can not save the layers as png file.
> Is png not capable to save this infromation or do I some thing wrong?
> Anyway which format can I use to save the layer information?

PNG does not support layers.  MNG is intended for multilayer or animated
PNG files.

(Just in case you thought otherwise Macromedia Fireworks did create their
own private version of PNG which included layers but it is secret and not
actually a part of standard PNG files.)

Layered file formats you could use include XCF and PSD (and in theory you
could even use TIFF, GIF, and MNG but better not to use those unless you
have a specific reason to).

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