I'm trying to work out an easy way to do a path stroke
gradient fill.
What I'm trying to do is:
I have a path that is a curved line and what I want to do
is gradient fill from the path to a number of pixels
perpendicular to the path. (On both sides - but of course
one side is good enough - I then just have to do it twice
using the median colour)
Not a problem if I have to stroke the path as a line then
work with the bitmap (which is what I did below for the
straight line)
If it was a straight line - that's easy enough, but since
it is a curve (actually lots of them) I can't work out
how to do it (except of course to manually colour it in
with the air brush - though I'm no good at doing that at
Here's a simple example of 2 colours and then for the
straight line, the gradient fill, then for the curved
line - ?
And of course if the path is something like a crescent
moon, it's even more difficult.
-Any help greatly appreciated

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