Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
On Tuesday 04 July 2006 02:54 am, VytautasP wrote:
Aren't there in developers' plans to introduce some simple CLI? I'm
used to AutoCAD style interface and miss it in GIMP very much:) It
would be very convenient just pres in command line "c" to draw a
circle, or "l" to draw a line. And snapping to end of line, center
of circle, middle of line would be much appreciated. And recording
of macros would be great improvement too.

That can easily be done from within the  python bindings for the GIMP.
All that is needed to do is a module wrapping sahortcuts like "c" and "l" to the longer gimp function names and mandatory parameters (the wrapper could make then optional).

Send me a reasonobly complete list of what commands you would want and lets see wqhat comes out of that.

(meanwhile, if you do not have gimp-python installed, try to get it)
That was just a thought an idea to make GIMP better one.
But sure I can list options from CAD  I miss most in GIMP:)

   * Coordinate system. Changeable 0,0 point.;
   * Draw line from a keyboard (thickness;start;end;);
   * Snap to end of line;
   * Snap to middle of line;
   * Draw a circle (first point;second point :first point;second
     point;third point :center;radius);
   * Snap to the center of circle;
   * Draw polygon;

These would be nice to see in GIMP. I'm sure, everybody would love that.

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