Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. My message about De Quervain’s disease-GIMP connection was not meant to be a complaint about the GIMP or any other software. I just wanted to point out two things: 1) that we can definitely end up with painful, inflamed tendons after pressing the mouse for several hours non-interrupted, regardless of the software we are using and as harmless as a mouse might look and 2) that we don’t really know how much is too much as for the pressure and time our wrists/hands can resist until we actually get the carpal tunnel syndrome or De Quervain’s disease. I don’t play computer games, but just like the few previous times of intensive use of my mouse, I felt naturally confident that the numbness in my hand/wrist (after n hours of tension painting and retouching with GIMP) should disappear after stretching, relaxing and taking a reasonable rest. That’s maybe true for one day of work, but not for 5 days like my case, when I had to paint and retouch a bunch of old pictures in one week and GIMP was my first choice. De Quervain’s disease is subtle and somehow deceptive: you don’t feel any pain nor any remote trace that your tendons are getting inflamed. In the morning of my last day of work, I woke up with an uncomfortable sensation in my wrist that I could not call a true pain, but I kept going anyway and finished my work. An increasing pain came afterwards, in the next days after using the GIMP and would not disappear even with relaxing exercises and long rest. I reached the point of not being able to move my right hand. Even so, I still believed the pain would go away in the next days. I was wrong, the pain increased and it took me 2 ½ months to make it disappear. After the first month, my doctor even suggested surgery. Fortunately, the corticosteroid injection, powerful medication and ice prevented me from investing at least $1500 more in wrist surgery.

The conclusion : Beware of irresponsible use of the mouse. De Quervain’s disease is definitely
      deceptive and resembles a broken bone: it takes weeks/months to heal.

     H. Noriega

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